So basically I'm on the phone with ADP this morning trying to track down a 2nd quarter 1998 UC-927 form, right. Seems that the person who did payroll in 1998 did some shoddy filing and the report is missing. Sounds pretty boring don't it. I'm completely lost in their IVR system. Finally I get a live person. I explain my dilemma to them and she says she can't help me but she gives me a phone number I can call and transfers me over to it. Ring. Ring. Good morning WFME. I explain my situation and she says this is WFME. I explain to her how I got to her. She says this is a radio station. I say well put me on the air, someone has got to help me with this problem. She says ok. I get put on hold for about two minutes and some guy answers the phone asking me what I wanted, where I was from, and so on. I explain my story and he hangs up on me. I don't know if I made it on the air or not but this kind of shit can only happen to me.

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