In a bind

So I just got my new worker compensation insurance policy for work in the mail. I go to stick it in the binder which at one point held only the auto insurance but has since become home for all my corporate insurance policy.
I hold this contraption together with a massive binder clip. Since the company has grown all the policy paperwork has grown. The binder is a pretty blue, made of vinyl and somewhat thin and flexible.
Here goes.
I slide the new policy into the binder and go to clip it. With considerable effort I open the clip enough to slip it around all the materials within.
As soon as I let go the clip slides off the binder and launches itself into a sojourn under my desk. I go to retrieve it.
Now the sad part.
As I bend over to get under my desk my entire shirttail comes out exposing my bulbous and milky ass. The clip is just out of reach. I reach further and further until the wheels give out under me and shoot the chair into the back wall with a resounding thud.
So basically. I'm face down on the ground with my ass high in the air and as if on cue my boss walks into my office. Sees the display I've put on shakes his head and looks at me.
I was at a loss for words. So I pretended my phone was ringing and picked it up.

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