Indian juxtaposition

So last night I go to Sears to buy a new A/C. The salesman is Indian and wishes me good luck on the upcoming transaction. He offers me a handshake and comforts me by saying he's 99% sure the model I want is in stock even though it's not on the floor. Upon finding it in the stock room he congratulates me on my recent success, high fives me and says "You see buddy, now we're both happy".
and for one of the very few times in my life I was happy.
Then when he asked me for my personal information to complete the sale he congratulated me on living in Kearny and that it's a beautiful town with a wonderful Indian church in it. I've never heard of this church, but I was feeling so euphoric that I suspended disbelief and just rode the wave of good chi.
I then mentioned that my godson is half Indian, at which point the salesman grabbed my hand and put his forehead to it proclaiming that was wonderful and that he would pray for me and my godson tonight.
We ended the evening with a hug and I walked out completely satisfied with my new A/C and the sales experience.
Today I had lunch with San. He told me laughed at my optimism regarding the Mets, stole pizza from my plate, waved a fistful of $100 dollar bills in my face, and cut me off on route 23.
I find the juxtaposition of these two participants in my life fascinating.
Furthermore after last night I can now remove "Have Air Conditioner Dropped On My Head" off my list of things to do.

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