Snow job

Ok, let me fill you in on my last two days.
Monday 5:45 pm: It's cold. So cold. I'm buried to my hips in snow. I dig my truck out so I don't have to bother tuesday morning. It's been a boring uneventful day off filled with Playstation and computer time. It's cold. I decide to make myself a nice warm soup. The water is boiling so I pull it off the stove. This is when I notice a bright flash on my sweater sleeve. I thought it was a reflection from the pot. It's not. This is when I smell a scent reminiscent of burning human flesh. Mine specifically. Yes, my sweater was on fire. I pull it off and chuckle. It's only begun.
Tuesday 7:00am: I call the office and the message says we're closed. Sweet.
Tuesday 8:30 am: I call the office to check my voicemail. We're open. Dammit.
Tuesday 9:00am: The goddammed snowplow covered my truck in snow once again.
So I dig it out all over again. After some difficulty I pull it out. This is when I notice my truck is pulling right. I get out and low and behold I have a flat. I think my situation over. I decide to take it to the gas station and pay them to change it. The guy tells me to move the truck and it won't start. I slam the keys on the counter and tell him the truck is his.
Tuesday : 10:00am: After walking home from the gas station I dig the jeep out and come to work.
That's about it for now.

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