About 3 weeks ago, when it was really nice out, I decided to air out the basement. I opened the big sliding glass doors and left them for a few hours on a Saturday. Around 9ish, it was time to feed the dogs. I usually separate them with a baby gate because they tend to eat each other's food. So I fill up their dishes, drop them as usually and pull the gate across. As I slide my hand across it, walking away, I feel something odd. I glanced down to see this odd feeling thing and noticed it was a Praying Mantis. Well, for some reason a sound like a car alarm came out of my mouth. YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP YEEP! Yes, easily 10 times as I calmly walked upstairs to the kitchen.
Of course, this scared everyone 2 flights up. I told them what it was while I got a piece of tupperware and they made fun of me. So I captured the ravenous beast and promptly showed it to them making them scream like girls. This thing was easily 5 inches long and said "thank you sir" as I let it outside.

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