Working at the car wash, yeah

This story begins Saturday. I tried to get my car washed in about 5 different places. Then yesterday I go to about another 6. They're all too full. I go today at lunchtime and the first three on my list are super full (Gives me an idea to open a car wash). Well I finally bite the bullet and go to a fourth hand car wash, the clocktower on rt 17. Well. It's real small and I'm not too familiar with it but I end up waiting about 25 minutes for a car wash. So I'm up, scrub scrub scrub, rinse rinse rinse. I get told to drive out. I ease the car into gear and pop over the bump that triggers the water sprayer. Right? Nope. It's not the bump that triggers the water sprayer. It's the bump the tiny mexican scrubbing my car calls a foot. That's right, uhh uhh, I ran over his foot. I knew this because I heard a high-pitched AAAAAIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE scream. I pull around, get out and check on him. They were laughing at me which leads me to believe I fell for the oldest car washing joke in the book or it happens all the time.

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